Best Soundbars Below $100


Best Soundbars Below $100

If you are not completely satisfied with the audio of your device, you have landed on the right page. While most televisions and other entertainment devices have good speakers, many lack a good surround sound that can match up with the picture quality and offer an immersive audio-video experience.

A good soundbar is unlikely to be cheap; however, in this review, we are going to cover the best soundbars below $100. It requires extensive research to find relevant, accurate and needed information over the internet. Worry not, we have done that for you. You just have to go through the well-researched article below and make an informed decision.

Soundbars are actually aimed at producing a 360-degree and immersive sound. While selecting the one best soundbar, consider its connectivity features, its surround-sound capability, ease of use, and functionality. The research we have put together includes the best soundbars that fall under the price of $100 so you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality soundbar that can provide a 360-degree sound experience.

Let’s dive into our best picks of the soundbars below $100.

90Watt Bestisan Soundbar Bluetooth 5.0



You can connect your existing subwoofer with the Bestisan soundbar through the sub out port with ease. Plus, the soundbar offers smooth connectivity with dual-wired wired connections like USB, Bluetooth, optical, Coaxial and Aux-in.


You won’t have to reach out to the soundbar every time you need to change the volume as it comes with remote control as well. Plus, it has a touch control too so you have both the options.

Digital Signal Processing Technology

The Bestisan soundbar has the option of audio customization; you can choose the dialogue mode to be able to listen to the dialogues more clearly than the background sound, while in the movie mode, the background sounds are vivid and clearer, enabling an immersive environment. Plus, it has a music option for enjoying the music at its full potential.

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Transmission

The soundbar has a wireless Bluetooth transmission option for your mobile phones or other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables smooth, immersive, and clear sound without any interference, enabling a 360-degree surround sound environment.

Premium Sound Quality

If you were to observe the insides of the soundbar, there are 4 built-in full-range speakers within the soundbar. In addition, it has two tweeter speakers filling your room with 105 dB sound. All these speakers and bass reflex tubes enable the soundbar to deliver a 360-degree sound.

Curved Pleasant Design

The side design of the soundbar is curved which allows more space for the sound to be released, adding to the sound reach. Plus, the top part of the soundbar is a smooth surface; the whole design and material are pleasant and up-to-the-mark.


● 360-degree surround sound.
● Wireless Bluetooth transmission.
● Double control: remote and touch.
● Digital sound processing technology.


● May not perform the best at a high bass.

TaoTronics Wired Speakers Portable Soundbar


Wide functionality

The TaoTronics portable soundbar has a wide range of compatibility and works with laptops, smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, PCs, projectors. Any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack will work smoothly with this soundbar.

Adequate power

The soundbar yields an immersive and 360-sound wherever you want to set it up; it’s suitable for work as well as your home movie theatre.

Saves space

The soundbar provides top-notch surround sound and has a sleek, compact, and pleasant design that will not take much of your desk space.

Headphone compatible

With a 3.5mm headphone/microphone input, you can have a personalized gaming or late-night movie session.

Simple setup and LED accents

The TaoTronics soundbar can be easily set up; just plug into the USB port for necessary power, blue cable for earphone, and pink cable for a mic. Plus, the LED accents make it more colorful and bright.


● Earphone input.
● LED accents add ambiance.
● Simple to set up.
● Compact design and premium material.
● Inexpensive and cost-effective.
● Wall-mountable.


● It does not have a remote.

Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar


Compact Design and Powerful Sound

With the sleek and compact design, the Dell AC511 soundbar takes minimum space while delivering up-to-the-mark sound power. You will not even feel it’s presence until you hear it produce a 360-degree surround sound.

The soundbar offers rich and room-filled sound without long wires, big speakers and it is compatible with the latest Dell monitors as well.

Headphone/earphone jack

In addition to the filling of a room with clear and crisp sounds, the Dell’s AC511 also offers a headphone or earphone jack so that you can have a more personalized experience whenever you just want to listen for yourself.

Simple and Easy USB Setup

No additional wires, software, power cord, or batteries are required to make the soundbar functional; you just have to plug it into any available USB port, and you are good to go. Plus, it has a built-in knob for volume control. You can easily mount it with a compatible monitor thanks to the integrated T-hook.

Dell Technical Support

The soundbar is trialed and tested for compatibility with Dell monitors. You have the option to contact the Dell technical support if your soundbar is used with a Dell compatible monitor. So, you don’t have to worry about any technical difficulties that may arise after setting up with Dell monitors as you can always contact their team.


With so many good soundbars out there in the market, the Dell AC511 is easy to pick; the reason is its great functionality at a relatively meager cost. You probably won’t find any soundbars of such repute and quality at this price.


● Inexpensive.
● Compact and pretty design.
● It takes less space.
● No requirement of cords or software: Simple plug and play.
● Dell technical support for Dell compatible monitors.
● Earphone jack


● May cause problems with non-Dell monitors as it appears to be designed for Dell monitors.

Buying Guide:

With more and more devices hitting the market, it is becoming tricky to choose the best one. To land on the one best suited to you and your room requires extensive research. Worry not, the above article will let you clear the clutter in your mind and let you decide which soundbar is worth your money.

While choosing the soundbar for your office space, workstation or room, consider its connectivity (wireless or not), its sound power, design, functionality and of course , cost-effectiveness. If you have to consider one feature, look out for the one with the best sound power and easy connectivity.


Soundbars are compact, high-functionality, easy to use, and beautiful devices; they make your audio experience immersive and add value without taking much space or energy.

While you can select any one of the above-reviewed soundbars, as they were listed after extensive research, if we had to choose one, we would go for the Bestisan soundbar as it has Bluetooth (wireless) connectivity. However, the other two do not lack in any other aspect, so if you don’t have a problem with a wired connection, you can go for them as well. Just go through the review once and you will be able to make an informed and practical buying decision.