Best Sound Bars Between $ 200-300


Best Sound Bars 200-300

Today's TVs are wonderful and ultra-Smart, but mostly they are without decent speakers, and the audio of such advanced TV is affected. It is difficult to enjoy a 4K HD display with lower sound quality. A soundbar provides a smart and relatively economical way to improve TV audio, and the real outstanding Soundbar has impressive Sound Quality. Therefore, a high-quality soundbar is an important investment for any home theater system. 

Because of the number of products available, it is hard to select one best Soundbar for your home. I have prepared a list of top two best soundbars between 200-300 dollars. One of the best soundbars in my list will have a huge impact on the audio in your home. I have prepared a list for you with main points under consideration, such as price, number of reviews, and best rating. I am going to give you additional reasons, along with our criteria for the top two best soundbars under 200-300

Samsung HW-J355: 2.1 Channel with 120 Watt Wired Audio 


Samsung's HW-J355 120W 2.1-channel soundbar system provides powerful bass performance and wireless audio streaming. This 2.1-channel soundbar system with its external subwoofer provides the power of up to 120W. 

TV Sound Connect:  

TV Sound Connect facilitates you to listen to the audio from a compatible TV on the Soundbar via Bluetooth connection and control the Sound so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

Special Sound Effects and Surrounding Sound: 

You can select different sound effects according to your choice, including standard (original Sound), music, sports, voice, movie, and night mode. You can adjust the Sound of the system according to your content. The surround sound function adds depth and spaciousness to your listening experience. 

USB Host Support and Multifunction Remote:

USB host function of the Soundbar connects with external USB storage devices (such as MP3 players, USB flash drives, etc.) and plays music files from. You can use the remote control to control various operations with the push of a button easily.

Samsung Audio Remote App:

You can download the free app through the Google Play store and can control the soundbar system through your Android Mobile. This app will also be available for the users of IOS soon. 


  • 120 Watt output power
  • Wired/Wireless Connectivity
  • Samsung Soundbar for Home theater
  • Stereo, Subwoofer, Multifunctional Remote
  • Best Product in Attractive price


  • Not Suitable for very small rooms

Bose Home Speaker 500: Built-in Alexa Voice Control 


The Bose home speaker 500 is an excellent Soundbar that can deliver wall-to-wall stereo sound. You can freely control your music through the built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control functionality and to makes songs, playlists, etc. 

Attractive Design:

Boss Home Speaker 500 has an impressive appearance, with a seamless oval shape and anodized aluminum shell, if you choose the silver model, it can reflect the light of the room.

The small full-color screen displays album art when playing music, and the time can also be displayed on the screen. 

Powerful Mic:

One of the main attracting features of the home speaker 500 is the use of the company's proprietary microphone technology. Even in the case of loud music playback, the speaker can pick up commands-it contains eight microphone arrays for near-field and far-field listening.

Built-in Alexa

Currently, the Home Speaker 500 is providing built-in Alexa functionality, but Bose is also planning to update the new range to support Google Assistant. You can control your device easily with your Sound and also can enjoy the extra features of Alexa. 

Best Sound Quality:

Home speaker 500 has impressive Sound Quality. You can enjoy real stereo separation without having to purchase a separate second speaker. The stereo effects can enhance your music and movie experience to an extreme level. 

Connectivity Features:

You can connect the device to the speaker via an AUX cable and wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also set up the speaker on your home via the WiFi network. You can download the application from the store, and through the application, you can connect to many different streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, and SiriusXM, allowing you to choose among podcasts, music and radio stations.


  • Sleek Design
  • Economical with best features 
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Sensitive Advanced Microphones
  • Fantastic Audio Quality


  • WiFi Setup connectivity is a time taking process for the first time. 


Comparison Chart:


Main feature 1

Main feature 2

Main feature 3


Bluetooth and Remote Control

Reasonable Sound in economical price

Samsung HW-J355  


120 Watt Output

TV Connect and Surrounding Sound

Remote App


Bose Home Speaker 500 

Built-in Alexa

Power Mic for better Control

Quality Stereo Sound


Buying Guide:

The buying of Soundbar is easy if you consider a few features in your mind, such as required output quality, your price range, Connectivity Options, Control Features, and design. 

Output quality can differ according to your room type. You cannot enjoy a powerful output in a small bedroom. 

The price is a range that stops you from buying very expensive soundbars. As per my experience, the medium-priced range products are always best. Therefore I have selected the soundbars between 200-300 range for you. 

If you have multiple devices at your home and you want to connect them with your soundbars, then you must have to consider connectivity options. 

Through different control features, you can control your sound system easily. Few like remote options, and some like Alexa to control the devices. There are a number of people who like to control everything through their phones. Therefore, I have selected all types of devices in my review. You can select a design according to your choice and room setting. 


What is the best Soundbar, it always depends on your needs and the quality you want. The price is also a critical feature. I have discussed the top three best sound bards under 200-300 dollars in detail. I hope you have selected one best for your home according to your requirements. I have explained the top best products with different types of output and functions. These perfectly explain what this short guide is trying to convey in words.