Best Smart TV's under $ 200



Best Smart TVs Under $200

TVs these days are almost always “smart”. Although a simple internet connection and apps do make a TV smart, it doesn’t mean it is desirable too.


There are a plethora of smart TVs out there; with a new and improved one coming out every now and then, it can be daunting to choose the right one for your bedroom or lounge


First and foremost, you need to realize your requirements; do you need a TV for gaming or just content consumption? Should it have good sound performance? Do you want the latest HDR technology? And more.


When you have the answers, filtering out the right one even from a whole lot can become easy.


And, when you have to select a good-enough TV in a certain price range, the goal of landing on the right one becomes tricky.


This is where this article will come in handy for you. We have reviewed the best smart TVs under $200 in detail so that you don’t fall prey to marketing traps and fake praise.


After reading this article, you will be in a position to decide the best smart TV for yourself under the $200 mark.


Let’s jump into the details.

1. 32-inch Spectre LED Smart TV with 3 HDMI Ports


Picture Quality:

720p resolution is still a high-definition resolution; it offers good image detail and image quality.


With the 32-inch screen size, which is an optimal screen size considering the 720p image resolution, the smart TV offers good-enough picture performance, especially when you take into account the low price point.


However, it won’t be an ideal resolution if you are a gaming enthusiast.


Connectivity Options

Streaming high-quality content from an external source has never been this easy. Today, almost every good TV has multiple HDMI inputs.


HDMI inputs allow you to stream high-definition content from an external source. The good thing is, this smart TV is equipped with 3 HDMI inputs, allowing you to attach 3 of your devices at the same time.


Moreover, you have a USB port as well; you can watch images and play audio files by connecting a USB device. The TV also allows you to connect analog devices through the composite video input.

Audio Performance

You won’t find a very powerful built-in speaker set in smart TVs very often. Attaching a soundbar or any other external audio source seems to be the option most of the time.


This 32-inch LED TV also doesn’t offer very strong sound performance. Something to keep in mind if you are an audiophile.



HD 720p resolution

3 HDMI inputs

USB port

Composite video input

QAM tuner


Sound is not that powerful

2. 32-inch 720p Samsung Smart LED TV


Image Quality

The TV industry keeps on coming up with new ways to improve the picture performance of smart TVs. One of those successful attempts is Samsung’s Ultra Clean View technology.


The cleaner the images, the more detail you are going to enjoy in your favorite video content. This Ultra Clean Technology just ensures that there is no picture distortion and the content is delivered to the screen without noise.


It’s understandable if you have doubts about the 720p resolution; but, with the right technology back-up, 720p can make your TV visuals pretty lifelike.



Most TVs don’t offer a wide range of colors; Samsung PurColor enables the TV to deliver a lot of shades of colors, making the pictures realistic.



The overall sound performance of this smart TV is not shabby. If you want a normal-sounding speaker for daily usage, the in-built speakers would be enough.


However, if you are an audio enthusiast and would prefer a more strong sound, you will probably have to hook up a soundbar to this TV.


Connectivity Options

The most useful connectivity option after WiFi, of course, is HDMI. This smart TV offers 2 HDMI ports, a USB port, and a network port.


WiFi allows you to use it as a “Smart TV”, while via HDMI, you can stream high-quality content using external sources.


Great picture quality

Good sound

Wide range of colors

Easy to set up

2 HDMI ports

Clear pictures


The Manual is not very detailed

3. LG 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV


Picture Quality

The processor is the brain of a TV. A bad processor will make videos sluggish, grainy, and even non-realistic. This is why good processing power is a must.


This 32-inch LG Smart TV has a quad-core processor that enables smooth image rendering onto the screen. Imagine a sports scene with motion blurring; that’s your TV processor giving up on you.


A fast processor, like this quad-core one, makes the fast scenes smooth, by minimizing motion blur.


In addition, this quad-core processor helps the TV produce detailed and grain-free images.



In addition to using a remote to get to your favorite content, this LG 32-inch Smart TV allows you to voice-search using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


You can play/pause, change settings, or adjust the volume using your voice.


Online Content and Connectivity

The most impressive thing about smart TVs is that they allow you to browse and watch online content.


LG uses its own operating system WebOS in its TVs with lots of content options; so, you can watch as much content as you want through WebOS.


Another impressive feature of this smart TV is that you can mirror your laptop’s screen onto it.


Great for bedrooms

High-quality pictures

Good contrast with HDR

Lot of online content via WebOS

Screen mirroring

Alexa and Google Assistant built-in


The sound is not great

4. 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV with Alexa Compatibility


Image Quality

If you are looking for a 720p medium-sized TV that doesn’t break the bank, this one will interest you.


The 720p resolution, as previously mentioned, is good enough for those of us who don’t need to watch extreme details in their content.


Plus, it’s the best compromise when you take into consideration the under-$200 price point.


Roku TV

The smart TV makes it pretty easy for you to consume high-quality content whenever you want.


It comes with a simple remote that’s easy to use. You can navigate, browse, and play your desired TV channels over the internet using this remote.


Roku TV offers over 600 internet TV channels in addition to Netflix. So, you will get a lot of content to choose from.


Sound Quality

The sound performance of this smart TV is mediocre. If you are not an audiophile or don’t want strong bassy sounds in your content, it will do for you.


However, for a powerful sound experience that you may want to immerse yourself in, you would need to attach an external sound source like a soundbar.



720p resolution

A lot of online content with Roku TV

Simple, easy to use remote

HDMI, USB, and WiFi connectivity


Mediocre sound performance

You cannot install VontronixTV on Roku itself. So you will have to watch VontronixTV using a seperate device (Apple, Android or FireTV Stick)

Comparison Table



Size (Inch)

Prominent Feature


1. Spectre LED TV


3 HDMI inputs


2. Samsung Smart TV


Good picture clarity


3. LG Smart TV


Screen mirroring


4. TCL Roku Smart TV


Alexa voice-control



Final Thoughts

In order to get to a practical decision, you need to consider your requirements. Do you want a smart TV that connects you to the internet and offers a lot of content? Or do you want to play games and would rather go for a TV that offers great visual performance.


The sound should not be the main concern for you when looking for the best smart TV under the $200 mark. You can always hook up a soundbar to get a better sound experience.


TVs these days seldom are produced “dump”; they have an internet connection and a bunch of online streaming apps to keep you connected to the online world.


So, you will find a lot of TVs that allow you smart functionality, however, there is a dearth of accurate information that’s imperative for an effective purchase decision.


So, while you can dig deep into the best smart TVs under $200, it would take you a considerable amount of time and mental energy.


In order to free of the frustration of looking out for honest reviews and the information that matters to you, we have put together this article so that you can make an informed purchase


So, go through each one of them and pull the trigger when you feel you have found the right one for your bedroom or lounge.