Best Smart TV's Between $ 200 and $ 500


Best Smart TVs Between $200 and $500

If you think that getting a smart TV with high-end specs and quality display under $500 is impossible, you are wrong.


You see, the TV market is advancing at an unprecedented pace; who could have imagined watching 4 times the pixels of a full HD a few years ago?


There are a lot of smart TVs that offer HDR, routine built-in sound, and even 4K resolution between the price range of $200 - $500.


Sure, they won’t be right up there with the best models out there, but if you can be a little patient at the beginning, you can actually make an under-$500 smart TV worthwhile by investing a little more after the purchase.


In this guide on the best smart TVs between $200 and $500, we will make sure you get every information you need to get to an informed and practical purchase.


Let’s look at each one of our picks in detail now.

1. Samsung QLED 32 inch 4K Smart TV



The 4K resolution of this 32 inch TV delivers 4 times more pixels to your screen than an HD resolution, making the images more realistic and lifelike.


Moreover, the powerful UHD processor reproduces images pretty fast. Plus, with the QLED technology backing the images produced, you will certainly enjoy the details.


So, this smart TV offers great image quality, especially considering the impressive below-$500 price point.



Just like most TVs, you may have to connect an external sound source, like a soundbar to this TV, to get a powerful sound experience.


But, if you are fine with routine audio experience and not a sound enthusiast, the 20W sound output of the TV would suffice for you.



It’s a smart TV, so you get to watch a lot of online content on the internet. The TV also has 3 HDMI ports, allowing you to stream high-definition content through your external devices.


You can connect an external sound source through the optical output and transfer and view your content through two USB ports.



Just like Amazon and Google, Samsung has also been using a voice assistant in its devices to allow its users to delegate several simple tasks.


You can control this 32-inch 4K Smart TV using your voice via Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.


Plus, the simple and sleek OneRemote offers easy control as well.



Online streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix really add to the value of a smart TV. After all, it’s internet connectivity and online content that makes a TV Smart.


There are a number of supported online services like Netflix, Youtube, Browser, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on this TV. Plus, you can also watch your favorite content through the Apple TV app.



4K display

Easy voice-control

Sleek remote

A lot of content


Not the best sound

2. TCL 50 inch 4K Smart Roku TV



4K technology when coupled with HDR (high dynamic range) produces bright, high-quality, and clear images.


This 4K smart TV improves the contrast (darks and bight parts of an image) thanks to the HDR technology.


So, you get extreme details with enhanced brightness and deep blacks.


Roku TV

Courtesy of Roku TV, you can now watch content on a variety of online streaming services. These include Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Youtube, Sling, and DirectTV Now.


And, if you don’t want to subscribe to any service, the Roku channel has you covered with a good amount of movies and TV shows as well.


In addition, you can even stream content from your laptop through Miracast and from your mobile phone using the Roku app.



One major criterion for the selection of this TCL smart TV is its noticeably low price. While you can spend a fortune getting the 4K HDR technology in a TV, some TVs (like this one) offer that at under $500.


So, if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive TV that has all the smart features and exquisite 4K display details, this TCL 4K smart TV would be a good option for you.


Connectivity Options

The TV also has a lot of connectivity options. You can connect 3 external devices and stream high-quality content as there are 3 HDMI ports.


You can hook up a soundbar through the optical input.


You can also attach a USB to transfer and view your content through the USB port. Plus, there is a headphone jack that enables you to have some private content streaming time.



High-quality images with 4K HDR technology

Multiple connectivity options

A lot of content on offer


Easy to use remote

Voice search with Alexa, Google Assistant



The panel is a little dim

You cannot install VontronixTV directly and have to watch from a seperate device. 


3. LG Electronics 32 inch 720p LED TV



If you are not into extreme image details and high contrast and feel that the 720p resolution would be good enough for you, this one gives you that at an impressive price.


Overall, the picture quality of this 32 inch LED TV is very good.



Smart TVs come with a lot of apps and content streaming networks that maximize content options.


This is, however, not a smart TV, so if you love the online content, this won’t be ideal for you. But, if you have your sources of content, there is nothing else that should keep you from getting this TV.



HDMI ports allow you to stream high-definition content from external sources. Remember how we talked about not needing a smart TV if you have your own content sources?


So, if you don’t want to invest in a smart TV, this one allows you to hook up 2 devices via HDMI inputs.


In addition, there is 1 USB port, 1 RF, and 1 composite and component ports each.


60Hz Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times images are displayed on a screen in a second. The higher this number, the smoother your video content will look.


The 60Hz refresh rate on this TV allows it to stream content without motion blur. So, you can watch fast-moving scenes without noticing blurring.



Very good image quality (720p)

HDMI connectivity (2 ports)

60Hz refresh rate


1 USB port



Not a Smart TV

No magic remote


4. Samsung Electronics 1080p Smart LED TV



1080p is probably the best compromise between image quality and cost. You won’t have to invest a hefty amount of money on a smart TV and still get a reasonably detailed and very good picture quality.


Plus, HD content is what most of us are pretty comfortable with and consume regularly. So, there shouldn’t be any problems as far as picture quality is concerned.


Smart Features

Smart features come at a price; the ability to stream high-quality content online as much as one wants is a real value addition.


So, it is unlikely that you would see a smart TV worth under $500. This is where this TV stands out. Not only can you choose from a lot of quality content over the internet, but you can also enjoy the user-experience a smart TV has to offer.


Impressively, if you want to control the TV with your smartphone, you can do that by synchronizing your phone with it. The only condition is, they should both use the same WiFi.


Greater Contrast with Micro Dimming Pro

Micro Dimming Pro technology analysis every video frame and optimizes the backlight in real-time to deliver better contrast, color, and image details.


This makes the images more lifelike and bright.


Connectivity Options

In addition to online content streaming, the TV allows you to connect 2 of your external devices using 2 HDMI ports.


HDMI ports allow you to transfer high-quality content onto your TV screen. The smart TV also has a USB port, an RF port, a component video input, a composite input, an optical output, and an ethernet port.



1080p display

Smart features

Easy control with a smartphone

High image contrast and detail

2 HDMI ports

Good price



Small size

Comparison Table



Size (inch)

Prominent Feature


1. Samsung QLED Smart TV


Bixby Voice-Assistant


2. TCL Smart Roku TV


Large size


3. LG 720p LED TV




4. Samsung 1080p Smart TV


Good contrast




Final Thoughts

Selecting the right TV may not seem like a big deal until you actually have to decide. Making sure you land on the TV that fulfills all your requirements and still falls within your budget can take a lot of research.


The reviewed TVs offer varied features depending on the cost. So, make sure you go through them not before brainstorming your needs.


After you know what you want, the information in this article will help you decide on the right TV with confidence.