Best Firestick to use with Vontronix TV Service

Review: best firestick to enjoy Vontronix TV service on

FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Built In

We get asked this question a lot: what is the best firestick to enjoy our Vontronix TV service on? For us there can only be one favorite and that is the Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa built in. Sure there are alternative and cheaper Fire TV Sticks which might be nearly as good. But this one wins the day for us.

There are several reasons for us to come to this conclusion:

  • Being able to stream 4K future proofs your purchase. We gather you will want to install other apps on the stick as well, for instance YouTube and Netflix amongst a host of others, and 4K will pretty soon be the standard for all streaming services.
  • It also supports other high quality streaming formats like UHD and HDR10+
  • It is the most powerful 4K media streaming stick
  • You can start up whatever you would like to watch voice controled with Alexa Voice Remote
  • More storage than any other Fire TV Stick
  • Great voice experience
  • Has equal performance to higher end devices like Fire TV Cube or Nebula Soundbar
  • Is often offered at a discount (but still well worth the money at normal price)

How great is it to control your TV experience from your comfortable chair or couch using just your voice? And apart from that, this Fire TV Stick comes with an easy to operate remote if that has your preference. Combine this with the almost limitless number of TV channels you get with our Vontronix TV services and this makes for hours of care free entertainment.

Alternative; FireTV Stick with Alexa Built In (no 4k)

A cheaper contender, usually trailing just a little in price, is the Fire TV Stick with Alexa built in. As you can notice, the operative word missing is 4K. For the rest of it, this Fire TV Stick is quite similar to the afore mentioned one. And you can look at the list of pro’s mentioned above and almost end up with the same list. The thing you will be missing is to be able to stream 4K and other high quality streaming formats. But if you want a good Fire TV Stick now and want to wait and see where the 4K wave takes us to invest in that later, this Fire TV stick is best value for money. In the future, as 4K becomes the standard, you will have to invest again. But for now; excellent choice. And depending on your preferences this Fire TV Stick will support Dolby but not Dolby Atmos.


We think the Fire TV Stick 4K is the way to go and at a small premium the difference in price with the non 4K Fire TV stick is not shocking. Get yours here by following the link.