What is the difference between the Pro and Premium services?

We offer two services, Pro and Premium.   They use different apps and share many of the same channels but, some are different.  This is why we like our customers to try the services before buying.  The Pro trial is 3 days, while the Premium trial is 36 hours.  Yes you can try both.

Premium has more channels and many more international channels.  We normally delete many of the countries as our customers are in US and Canada.  If you have a country of interest, please let us know.  We will add it to your account for no charge as long we offer it.

One major difference.  With Premium, your username and password never change.  We just add time to your account from our end.  The PRO service changes username and password every time your account runs out.  More reason to buy 3 or 6 months at a time.

PLEASE join autopay.  You are in full control and may cancel at any time without even contacting us.  With Autopay, your service will automatically be updated so you have uninterrupted service.  OR, pay a day or two BEFORE your service runs out.

From the time you place and order, we typically process it within 20 minutes, but it its a busy time it may take and hour.   Also please keep in mind we are closed from 11pm until 10am, EST - 365 days.   So orders placed at 2am will be processed by 11am.